Birth Affirmations Video – 90 sec.

birth affirmations video

by ADMIN - Tracey Rose on July 9, 2012

Have you ever used affirmations to get results in your life?

Perhaps you have used them to prepare for a big event or to get over some trauma in your life.

I have used them successfully to assist me in my recovery from depression last year. I have about 10 positive phrases printed on a piece of paper in my bathroom and I read them everyday.

But the first time I used affirmations successfully was in my preparation for the birth of my first baby, Honey Rose more than 4 years ago.

They helped me relax and start visualising my dream birth.

They also helped me start to believe how natural birth is … that I wasn’t ill and it didn’t need to be a traumatic medical event.

Eventually I really believed that I’m built to do this!

So, today I thought I’d put together a 90 second video of birth affirmations that have helped me and other women I know.

You can watch the pretty pictures and read along with me … or you can close your eyes and just listen.

Enjoy :)

Today’s question: Would you like more of these? … I had lots of fun creating it and was thinking I could do a whole series …


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