Birth Story – How To LOVE Your Labour

Are you terrified you won’t be able to cope with the pain during childbirth?


You may not quite believe it yet, but a safe and comfortable

birth IS possible for you and your baby!



Dear Expectant Mother,

I know the feeling of trying to block out thoughts of “THAT DAY!”

Those scary thoughts that make you anxious as you count down the days until your baby is born.

The fact is, you’re going to have to deliver your baby one way or another and your job is to figure how. How are you going to make that happen in the safest and least traumatic way for you and your baby?

THIS is it!

Four years ago my daughter, Honey was born at my local hospital in the water and I loved it.

My labour was comfortable and free of any drugs.

When I started to share my amazing story I had several reactions:

  • People were amazed and wanted to know EXACTLY how I did it …
  • But some friends didn’t believe that a comfortable and natural birth was possible …
  • OR … they assumed it was just a fluke and perhaps because my babies weren’t HUGE … (they were both above average sized babies!)

Despite some negative reactions, I thought my experience was a gift and should be shared with other women just like you.

So I uploaded my first video on YouTube detailing how I achieved such comfort and relief during my labour WITHOUT the use of pain-relief.

… Within days I had thousands of views and comments from mothers who were also seeking a less traumatic birth experience …
These were women just like you and I … who were anxious about “THE BIG DAY!”

Their messages came thick and fast:

  1. Which breathing technique is best?
  2. How can I stay focused with so much distraction around me?
  3. Which visualisation was most effective in blocking out pain?
  4. Which birthing classes should I do?
  5. Does this stuff REALLY work?
  6. Is it all in my head? 

I discovered women wanted to hear from a REAL PERSON (me) who would share with them …


How to go from freaking out to fearless birthing


It IS possible!


In this book I share my own personal journey of safe, comfortable and natural birthing.

I explain how I tapped into my own hormones that act as a “natural epidural”.

I know that it would have been ssoooooo helpful for me if I had actually known someone who had gone down this route before so they could tell me what to focus on and what is a load of RUBBISH!


Amongst my story, there are basic instructions on how I specifically did certain exercises, so you can copy them.


I have discovered some amazing “secrets to birthing” and you can learn these too.



This is my birth story …



                         WHAT WILL YOURS BE?




Here’s what you can expect to read and learn from the next 89 pages in my book …


  • A real life birth story that tells it how it is with all the emotions, facts and gory details! … you will soon learn I am no hippy chick!
  • I will share with you my fears, my hopes, my mistakes, my victories, my darkest hour and my moments of bliss … you will laugh, cry and come out inspired … guaranteed.
  • The shocking facts about medical intervention … this should be public knowledge!
  • The REAL PAIN behind pain relief … you need it … like a brick in the head.
  • What I learned week by week in my childbirth classes … and how I specifically applied these in both my births.
  • A birth story where everything goes perfect … dreams do come true
  • A birth story during my darkest hour … there is hope no matter where you are at
  • How your childbirth can change your life … do it for you!
  • How your childbirth can set your kids up for life … do it for them!
  • An emotional journey that will scare you, prepare you and leave you with practical steps to move forward …

It’s time to create a safe and comfortable birth for your baby!


(Downloadable PDF version)

US$37 US$27 $12 Xmas Special!!!

(+10% GST for Australians)


The way she tells her story makes you want to go to the roof top and yell ” women get informed about labour” ~ Bethany M.


I felt as though I had been sucked into a vortex … And I am not joking even a little bit ~ Ros S.


It wasn’t the type of book you put down and forget ~ Cassidy S.


I was almost in tears reading her amazing birth stories and ached for all women to experience such powerful births! ~ Jessica P.


It was inspiring! I think Tracey is such an amazing women with strength of mind and heart to be able to be composed during such stress with her second birth. I hope to be able to do the same ~ Amy W.




And … if you’re a bit of a detail oriented person who needs facts and figures
to back up any of my explanations they’re all here :)

Resource #1: The latest referenced research on the effects of a Cesarean Section

This resource is a must read for anybody that is considering a cesarean section or needs it for medical reasons. There are times when cesareans are absolutely necessary and times when they are not.

Resource #2: The latest referenced research on labour inducing drugs

Did you know artificial induction can have a HUGE affect on your labour outcomes. This information can be daunting, so I have collated the latest research on drugs like “Cytotec” and “Demerol / Pethidine” in an easy to understand manner. It is your life and your baby, so know the facts so you can make it your decision!

Resource #3: The latest referenced research on Epidurals

Is epidural really safe? I wanted to know the facts, so this resource goes into the latest research and is referenced if you wanted to verify or expand your knowledge.

Resource #4: Your Next Steps

In this resource I share with you practical steps that you can start with today to prepare for your childbirth experience. As you will see in my book, it takes time to prepare for your birthing experience, but it’s easy once you know exactly what to do.

No matter where you are currently at … START TODAY FOR YOU AND YOUR KID’S SAKE!



If you are open minded to find out just what is possible,

I would love to share from my heart with you … one woman to another.

Get your copy of the book below and start now.

(Downloadable PDF version)

US$37 US$27 $12 Xmas Special!!!

(+10% GST for Australians)






Tracey’s 100% Personal Guarantee

Tracey’s Special Satisfaction Guarantee- If you are not completely satisfied and don’t walk away from reading this book fully inspired and overflowing with excitement for your big day – simply ask for a refund and we’ll gladly give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked!



Disclaimer: This is where I have to tell you to not be a nut case and think that reading this book will automatically give you a perfect childbirth. Lets be clear, it will not and I am also not a medical professional. I am just a fellow mother that went through the same hopes and fears as you are now. My intention, and guarantee, with sharing my birth story and providing the bonus material is to inspire you to get prepared and increase your chances of having the birth you always dreamed about. If you don’t intend to take action and prepare yourself, then you are better off exiting out of this website. Obviously everybody is unique and childbirth can be complications, so make your own decisions based on your circumstances and seek the necessary advice and assistance you need.

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Carmen May 2, 2012 at 3:16 am

In How to Love Your Labour, Tracey takes us through her entire journey from fear to informed and empowered. She shows us the facts on the risks of inductions, epidurals, c-sections, etc. including links to more information on these topics. She leads us through her experience with childbirth classes and how they helped her. Then, Tracey tells us the stories of her children’s births, which are beautifully written and completely honest.

How to Love Your Labour is a beautiful and inspiring book, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering a natural birth.

Natural Mommy Talk


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