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I Don’t Have Just A Favorite Part of The Birth …
But MANY Favorite Parts

This birth story is about our 3rd child – Christian. My due date was 10/8. At 11:30 pm of that night I was complaining that nothing exciting happens to put me into labor, my surges usually just start. On 10/9 at 12:30 am as I was headed to the bathroom my water actually released! I was really excited even as my surges started strong – 5 minutes apart 15 minutes after my water broke. I really wanted to trim the labor time down to my wish time of 6 hours.

Initially I struggled to establish control, focus and relaxation. The strength with which the surges started was quite a surprise. I usually have plenty of time to build up to this point in the birthing. My husband put on soothing music that we had previously picked out and started with Light Touch Massage.

We labored for approximately the first 1.5 by ourselves before calling my mom, who is a midwife, to come over. I used my birthing ball and sat on the toilet for most of this period of time. My attending midwife arrived about 3 am. At this point I moved to the tub, my husband read scripts and we listened to both of the HypnoBirthing disks that were provided in our class over and over.

I knew that this was going to be a 6 hour labor because this is what I wanted from my experience, the goal that I was focused on. There was such a difference with this birth versus the previous two that I’d experienced. Even though I’d done this two times already, I was more educated about the entire birthing process. I embraced my surges and truly welcomed them; knowing that they really were bringing my baby closer to me. In comparison to my other births I could actually feel my body doing the work for me and quickly too. I had my midwife check me a couple of times to see if I was ready to breathe the baby down because I felt strange sensations that I wasn’t familiar with. This was just the baby moving lower into the birthing position.

I remember asking Phil several times what time it was because I knew that I only had until 6:30 and then my baby would be in my arms. My midwife had me leave the tub and labor kneeling next to the bed, to further move the baby down about 5:30 or so. During this time I started using birth breathing to accelerate the journey. I’m not sure how long this lasted, it wasn’t long. Time truly does cease to exist in the miracle of birth. On one hand it seems as though it was taken so long to get to a particular point, but overall the experience passes so rapidly and hours fly by unexpectedly.

I was nervous to push because of my prior experience of just launching the baby across the bed with one or two huge pushes. I wanted to avoid this in order to heal quicker and enjoy my afterbirth recovery. When I had the urge to push I was actually able to do it slowly and controlled, pausing when my midwife asked, thereby eliminating unnecessary tearing. I attribute this to visualizing this portion of the birth over and over.

Our beautiful baby boy was born at 6:46 am, he was received by his father and welcomed with all the love our hearts are able to contain. He was immediately placed in my arms, while we awaited the placenta delivery. The blood from the placenta was delivered back to him before Phil cut the cord. Our baby boy didn’t cry, was the most remarkable pink and didn’t even require suctioning of his nose. I was able to immediately nurse him, a remarkable experience that early even though I feel as though I haven’t stopped since then.

The baby was able to remain at my breast, with his father’s hand on his back until we were ready to relinquish him to the midwife about an hour later. He weighed in at 8 lb and 1 oz and was 21 inches long.

I don’t have just a favorite part of the birth but many favorite parts. It was by far my favorite birth, the ease with which I birthed, the speed and the recovery has been amazing. I’ve felt fantastic and haven’t experienced pain other than typical afterbirth pains.

There is so much to be said for delivering in the comfort of one’s own home and room, surrounded by familiarity. It was incredible to welcome a new child into our hearts while our other children slept down the hall. I will never forget the looks of stunned astonishment on my daughters’ faces when they entered our room about 45 minutes after the baby was born. We were immediately able to bond as an entire family.

The thing that probably sticks out the most in my mind was being able to feel my body do its job the way nature intended. The difference was marked, I could indeed feel the birth happening, our baby was extremely calm upon being born and unlike my other two children there were no markings or bruises on the baby or his face from a laborious intensive birth experience.

The only thing that I would change is the amount of time that I had to practice and incorporate the HypnoBirthing techniques and belief system. We started our class at 35 weeks pregnant and finished just one week before the baby was actually born. However, even with the small amount of time that we had to practice HypnoBirthing the amount of change in the birth was very substantial.

Kristen, US


From A Father

When we started the HypnoBirthing class I read the stories and watched the videos of all these mums who, using this technique, had wonderful, apparently “easy” births and thought “gosh, this is amazing… does it work!?” It took me very little time to realize that HypnoBirthing was a technique that worked and worked well. The combination of breathing technique, visualization, confidence in the fact that, yes, we could do it made all the difference. We did our exercises virtually every evening for 3 months before the birth and very quickly Sophie would go in a deep state of relaxation but at the same time completely in control which to me, was the key.

On our way to the hospital Sophie was listening to the Rainbow Relaxation CD and I could see that she was already in deep relaxation, in the “zone”, her own personal space where she was in control of the pain associated with surges. Once we arrived she got into the tub and, again, still listening to the CDs, she did her breathing exercise.

Several times the midwife said “this is amazing, this is amazing, you look so relaxed”. It is only 10 minutes or so before Quentin was born that the midwife said “do you feel that you need to push?” as until now, we thought that Sophie was only trying to relax, breathing slowly and deeply. In fact, she had been pushing and using the birthing phase breathing for probably 2 hours already!! This shows how relaxed and in control she was. Everyone was fooled! The result; no comfort measure was needed, not even one paracetamol.

I am grateful to Pauline for accompanying us through this journey using HypnoBirthing. I would say to all of those who are thinking of doing HypnoBirthing class, stop thinking and give it a go and if you do go for it then practice, practice, practice. What amazes me now is that, several months after we started the class, we can say: yes, it does work. Our story is another one to be added to the stories of all these other couples who have seen and experienced firsthand the benefits of HypnoBirthing.



HypnoBirthing was so much more than just learning how to have a natural & comfortable birth -
It’s a skill that changed my life forever!

HypnoBirthing has taught me COMMUNICATION … with my body, my partner and my baby “Honey”

Birthing her was the most amazing experience I ever thought possible and I’m looking forward to doing it again, which is not the impression I get from many of my friends who have had children.

Often, I feel guilty when i’m sharing my experience because it’s so different from many of the horror stories I hear.

Anyway … Honey decided she’d like to come into this world early on Sunday the 13th of April … 10 days earlier than expected, but i felt totally calm because i was prepared physically and mentally.

I spent the next few hours cruising around the house painting my nails and making sure i had my bag packed and the way to the hospital we even stopped at McDonalds … i figured hubby would be a better support partner with a full stomach!

On arrival … i had to convince staff i was actually in labour … their comments were “you can’t be in labour, you don’t look like you’re in pain” … but that’s simply because i wasn’t in pain at all! They suggested i should go home for a while and when i refused two midwives and a doctor tried to convince me to be induced. Again i refused … saying “she’s coming today …. and could you get that bath ready?”

After it was established i was actually in labour, “Team Honey” was able to set up the room for our Hypnobirthing experience. My mum and husband dimmed the lights, put on relaxing music and made sure all interrruptions were kept to a minimum so i could birth our baby girl in the water in peace.

Using the Hypnobirthing techniques I put myself into a “dream-like” state … i felt extremely relaxed and could have gone to sleep a few times if i wasn’t so excited. It was an amazing feeling to literally push any pain away by simply tapping into my bodies natural resources … I felt very strong and empowered.

During the final stages of my labour I had to really concentrate, because i was so eager to birth her … i was getting dissapointed when the surges (contractions) would stop because it meant i had to wait, and because they didn’t hurt i was actually looking forward to the next one! And then … she arrived! … shooting out like a fish in the water. The midwife scooped her up and held her out to me, but for a minute i just stared almost forgetting that after the whole experience of labour, i actually got a prize at the end. And what a prize!!!!

Honey is amazing! … My husband and I believe she is so calm because she’s a HypnoBirthing Baby! And we are better parents because of Hypnobirthing!

Tracey Rose, Australia



I knew from the beginning
that I wanted to do HypnoBirthing

I have had friends use it in the past, and I’ve heard nothing but great stories about it. I approached my practice of HypnoBirthing with positive thoughts and warded off all negative comments from others, replacing them with positive thoughts to reinforce the fact that I could do this. I couldn’t wait to actually give birth and experience using HypnoBirthing in its truest form to show all the “nay-sayers” that it could be done.

Never once throughout the entire birthing process did I experience pain. I would say that I had a lot of pressure and tension, but not pain. I equate pain with smashing your finger or the result of an injury. I wasn’t injured and knew that my surges were working to bring my son into the world. As my surges increased in intensity, and I began to involuntarily bear down, I knew that HypnoBirthing was working and that it was the right choice for me. Throughout my labor I didn’t really talk to anyone. I ate a bit but I wasn’t really interested in food, as I was too focused.

I can honestly say that I think I would have lost control had I not been using HypnoBirthing. My mom, (doula and instructor) was able to deepen me upon request (which was only once) otherwise I stayed in my own state of relaxation. With each surge, I used my breathing and visualization of the dial releasing the endorphins and I turned it up if I needed to. As soon as I stopped surging, my brain and thoughts would go elsewhere.

Though I could hear what was going on in the room, I stayed in this state of relaxation. No one knew I was surging. The only indication was that I would point my index finger of the hand that my mom was holding at the onset of a surge. Prior to getting into bed and laboring on my left side, my midwife believe my surges were about ten minutes apart, though they were actually about 3. She just couldn’t tell because I was so relaxed through them, while laboring on the toilet. Once I was hooked up to the monitor, she realized they were actually much closer. My surges coupled and were about 3 minutes apart. Being that I was HypnoBirthing, and time really didn’t register, it felt like they were on top of each other.

It did help during the pushing phase though, as I pushed for 3 hours total. I wasn’t too excited about pushing, I really wanted to breathe my baby down, but pushing was a necessity as we needed to get his head past my cervix and his heart rate was of concern. I could go on an on about HypnoBirthing. It truly is a wonderful tool to use to naturally bring a child into the world. As soon as Jackson was born and freed of his cord, we were skin to skin, and he began to breastfeed. I would honestly say that the discomfort felt while laboring didn’t even compare to the discomfort felt while recovering from the birth process. I am very proud to say that I had my son naturally with the help of HypnoBirthing.


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