The Miracle of Birth … Will Your Body FAIL YOU?

by ADMIN - Tracey Rose on April 2, 2012

Our bodies are amazing!

Over a 9 month period your body is a fertile ground for a new life to be created.  From one tiny cell with only the idea of a human life … a fully functioning human being is being created, consisting of around 60 trillion cells.  Your body knows exactly what it needs to provide this evolving miracle of life, so it has everything it needs to become a fully functional healthy human being. And it has done all that WHILE balancing your own body’s needs!

It has been so amazingly intelligent that it knew when it was OK to take nutrients from your body and redirect it to the new life … because the new life needs it more. It has done all of this without you having to think about a thing.

In fact, if it was something we had to think about and plan, just think of the trouble we would be in.

Take a moment to imagine …
• If you had to plan your food in-take so that you could provide the right mix and amount of nutrients your body and your baby’s body needs.
• Or if you had to work out how much more air you need to take in to provide your baby with the right amount of oxygen it needs.
• Or if you had to direct you bone marrow on how much red blood cells it needs to produce to carry that oxygen.

There is NO WAY our minds can consciously manage all of that information on a daily basis, not to mention while we are sleeping.

Our bodies are amazing … Apparently EXCEPT when it comes to childbirth!


Well, if you look at how most births happen in the US and Australia, you’d be forgiven for thinking that your body does not know how to handle birth at all!

You have most probably been led to believe that …

• Your body runs out of intelligence when going into labor.
• You need professional human medical intervention.
• You need a combination of drugs and synthetic hormones to let your body know what to do next.
• You will most likely need a thick needle to go in between the vertebra of your spine to temporarily paralyse the nervous system in the lower body.
• The miracle of a life in you will most likely be pulled or sucked out in the last stages.
• Or if things get really critical you can also have somebody cut you open to save that miracle of life in you.
• Or if you just want to avoid all the drama or have a baby on your favourite date you can also just elect to have your healthy body cut open.

**The great news about all of this is, you have a whole medical profession that supports you for this stage where your amazingly intelligent body runs out of intelligence.

In fact, our culture of fear not only supports you but it encourages you to be ready for this period when you body will FAIL you!

Of course … I am being sarcastic and for the majority of you, your body will NOT fail you.

In fact your body was BUILT TO GIVE BIRTH! … and has been waiting to DO IT’S JOB your whole life!

Ladies, we have amazing bodies! And … if our bodies can CREATE the miracle of a life without us interfering, then surely our bodies can DELIVER that miracle without us interfering.

That is not to say if we have medical reasons for medical interventions that we ignore that, but it certainly does not have to be the norm!

Here are two amazing videos on The Miracle of Birth. They beautifully illustrate the point I am making here … Enjoy!


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Natural Childbirth World is a place for parents to get away from our current culture of fear and get educated on a more natural childbirth alternatives.

Much Love … xo


Tracey Rose is a journalist, natural childbirth educator and mother of two. Her story of safe, natural and pain-free birthing has inspired thousands of women all around the world to get educated about ALL the options in childbirth. Get your Top 6 Tips on how to experience the birth you’ve always dreamed of HERE.


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Andrea April 2, 2012 at 8:11 am

I’m so glad you are sharing this information Tracey. As an older mum when I had my son I ended up with an epidural and a c-section despite a healthy pregnancy and a desire for a water birth. Who knows how things might have been different if I’d had more knowledge or a doula. Great job!


ADMIN - Tracey Rose April 2, 2012 at 9:32 pm

Thanks Andrea :)


MarVeena April 2, 2012 at 8:28 pm

Some times we have to trust we came into this life time with the knowledge ingrained in our own cells of how to go through the different human phases.
Pull on your inner knowing!
Thank you for the cool article, I will forward it to my sister in law who is having a baby this Sept.


ADMIN - Tracey Rose April 2, 2012 at 9:33 pm

Thanks for spreading the word to your sister-in-law Marveena and your comments :)


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