Promote Your Birth Business On Facebook

Are you a midwife, doula or childbirth educator trying to

work out how to get more business on Facebook?


Do you realise you need a fanpage, but have

no idea how to make your page profitable for you?


Perhaps you already have a fanpage set up, but it’s just sitting there gathering dust …

I know how you feel because I was there too.



Dear Birth Professional,


My name is Tracey Rose and I run a growing community on Facebook in the birthing niche, but for a long time I was using valuable time chatting to people, but not getting anything out of it for my business.


I don’t want that to be you.


So, what do you need to do? ….The answer is simple …


Make is EASY for them to LIKE you and TRUST you so they want to do business with you!




By making your facebook business page engaging and easy to use.


People are sick of faceless and unreachable companies – they just don’t trust them anymore.


So, you have to reach out and get into their world – in other words make it INTERACTIVE!


It’s simple to do all this once you know how, but there is a right and a wrong way to do this!




You’ll waste hours and hours of valuable time trying to get new fans and talking to people online only to find none of them convert to customers.


You’ll literally give your customers away to your competitors and you’ll end up frustrated.


So, what is the right way to set up your page?


There’s a few things you need to do in the beginning …

  1. Make your Facebook Timeline Cover (the big picture that’s at the top) engaging and reflect your business.
  2. Have your website link SHOWING. I see many people not take advantage of this – big mistake!
  3. Integrate Apps. These are the boxes underneath your timeline cover and are crucial for turning your fans into customers.


This can be pretty technical and you also need to know exactly WHERE to place these links and apps so that they are most effective.


That’s why I created the …


“Get Seen On Facebook Package”

Timeline Set Up & Make Over


What’s included:

  • 30 Minute Phone or Skype call to discuss your facebook strategy for your birthing business
  • Set up and launch Facebook Timeline for Business Fan Page
  • Customize Profile & Timeline Images with your Logo &/or Brand
  • Create 3 timeline custom apps including custom designed tab images – choose: newsletter opt-in, featured product page, sales page, blog, embedded video or youtube page, twitter, instagram, pinterest or map
  • Provide input and update your “About” section for maximum results
  • Vanity URL creation (30 “likes” needed)
  • Clean up existing fb page, remove spam &/or other unacceptable content
  • Customize your privacy settings
  • BONUS: 20 minute consultation on audience building: I’ll show you how to get fans to your page and the best things to do to keep them engaging with you.

This package is easily worth $450

and I will probably charge that as I get more clients …

But, for a limited time, I’m offering to do it for you …

For just $199



Yep, I’m serious … you will not find ANYONE willing to do this for this price,

but I just hate seeing small businesses like yours making silly mistakes when it’s all pretty simple …

as long as someone sets you up properly from the beginning.

Even if you have managed to get a bit of a fan base going on your page,

I can help you increase that without any effort at all.

And … I’ll back my work with a 100% money back guarantee.

ORDER the “Get Seen Facebook Timeline Package”

I look forward to working with you!

~ Tracey

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