The Pink Kit

The Pink Kit is a home study course which is a skills-based approach to pregnancy and childbirth preparation.

While The Pink Kit does encourage natural birthing skills it’s not touted as a “Natural Birthing” product.

It rather promotes experiencing the best birth you can whatever your choices. This is quite useful because many women, who first thought they would use all drugs necessary during labor, often find they want a natural birth after they have educated themselves a bit about the whole process.

The Pink Kit Method:

  • Used in ALL types of births since 1970s
  • You are not just having a natural or medical birth … you are always having a baby
  • Pregnancy skills to prepare your pregnant body to have a baby
  • Childbirth skills to work with your baby’s efforts to be born”
While some childbirth/labor methods like The Bradley Method or Lamaze seek to achieve more ‘natural birth’. The Pink Kit focuses on the fact 100% of pregnant women will give birth.
Creators of The Pink Kit say all pregnant women should prepare their pregnant body to become a birthing body then learn skills so that no matter how a baby is born the mother and father can always have skills to work with their baby’s efforts.

The Pink Kit FAQ

How long does it typically take to learn the material?

Ideally start about 24 weeks however if you’ve discovered this at 38 weeks then browse through the material and start anywhere that strikes your fancy.

Who is behind The Pink Kit?

The Pink Kit was developed by the Common Knowledge Trust, which is a non-profit organisation initially formed in Australia and now New Zealand to share health knowledge. The Pink Kit resources reflect the stories and experiences gathered over a 35 year period from expectant women, fathers-to-be, partners and grandparents who both birthed well and who had difficult births.

What does The Pink Kit include?

  • The Pink Kit Video DvD … Prepare your pregnant body in 8 simple to use segments.
  • Four E-Books in PDF on one CD
  • New Focus E-Book, Breath, Language and Touch …
    All the skills you both need about these three human behaviours as applies to childbirth.
  • Companion Guide E-Book … A written booklet with instructions to go along with The Pink Kit DVD
  • The Pink Kit Guide Book … Guiding you through every detail, benefit and facet of how to use pregnancy as the time to gain birth and coaching skills. Includes wonderful Pink Kit birth stories that will inspire you as both mother and father-to-be.
  • Managing Skills E-Book… Specific, clear instructions in how to use your birth and coaching skills throughout the last days of pregnancy on into birth
  • Two Audio Cd-s
  • The Internal Work Audio CD… Learn the skill that prevents birth trauma to your birth canal.
  • Birth Journey Audio CD Listen to and learn from hearing positive breathing patterns through the 5 Phases of each contraction. And hear the stressful breathing too often present with unskilled birthing women. As a pregnant woman … Practice from this audio resource frequently during the last few weeks of pregnancy. As a coaching dad … listen to breath changes and learn exactly how to help your partner use her breath effectively in labour.



I bought one of your pink kits a few weeks back. I got about 3/4 of the way through the resource before lending it out to one of my clients. Then I passed it to another one immediately after it was returned. so I haven’t gone through all of it yet. But already it has been miraculous!

A third woman (lower on my list of priorities for lending the kit to, as she was having her fourth baby) went into labour with her baby in LOL position at station -2. To cut a long story shorter, she made good progress then went backwards from 9cm to 5-6c and didn’t seem to be progressing from there.

I wasn’t sure I could remember any of the skills on the pink kit but she and her husband took charge. He told her to lie down and together they did a hip lift between contractions. Immediately she had another one and jumped up and started pushing. I couldn’t believe it. I checked her and the baby had completed rotated to ROA and she was almost fully dilated. Her baby was born 15 minutes later.

After the birth the husband told me that he hadn’t wanted to interfere with my professional skills so he had waited and waited for several hours before suggesting the hip lift. Gosh, that must have been hard for him!

You know what I realized? That when families are skilled we need to encourage them to use their skills rather than appear so professional that they rely on us.

M. Woodward, Midwife


I had three children before I learned about The Pink Kit so I didn’t personally use it. However, when I saw the video, I thought it would have been great to know in all my births. Particularly it would have kept me on track when I wasn’t too keen what the doctors were doing to me in my first birth. My second was born in hospital as well and my third baby was born at home.

I gave the kit to my son and daughter-in-law for their first birth. They didn’t get too involved with it. They felt that their midwife would tell them what to do. She ended up with epidural and forceps. She’s just had her second child (2004) and she was totally committed to the information. The birth was so inspiring that she wants to become a midwife and help other women and men prepare using this information.

Megan … Common Knowledge Trust Trustee


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