What is a Doula? … & Why Would You Want/Need One?

by ADMIN - Tracey Rose on January 13, 2012

what is a doula

This video will explain what is a doula!

I’ll also explain the difference between a doula and a midwife, plus why you would want or need a doula.



I’d really like to know:

  • Have you hired a doula?
  • What was your experience
  • OR … Are YOU a doula? – Share some knowledge or any great stories of births you have attended :)


Leave your comments below and share your story so everyone else can benefit – It may help some mothers make a decision for their upcoming birth.

Looking forward to hearing your answer below :)


Tracey Rose is a journalist, natural childbirth educator and mother of 2. Her story of natural and pain-free birthing has inspired thousands of women all around the world to get educated about ALL the options in childbirth, so they can experience the birth they’ve always dreamed of.


Remember: Leave your comments at the bottom of this page – I want to know if you used a Doula … and how was your pregnancy/birth experience with their support?


What is a Doula?

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