Who REALLY Wants To Have The Natural Birth? … You Or Someone Else?

by ADMIN - Tracey Rose on August 14, 2012

natural birth

It is YOUR decision to go for the natural birth? … Or are you reluctantly going along with someone else’s idea?

Perhaps you really want all the medication on offer when you’re in the birthing suite but feel pressured by your hubby, your mother or your sister!

Maybe you think you’d look like a wuss if you opted for the drugs. Or maybe your partner is trying to scare you with statistics so you’ll steer clear of the epidural or elective c-section.

Firstly, let me say that feeling scared and confused is normal. You’re about to go through a transformational time in your life.

The reason I want you to know who REALLY wants the natural birth is because:

It’s YOUR body and YOU have a right to do what you feel is safest and most comfortable for YOU physically and emotionally.

You don’t want to end up having a fight with your hubby in the delivery suite because he thinks you’re going al-natural, but now you want the epidural.

And … you don’t want to be forced to try hypnobirthing or calm birth classes by your sister, because if you REALLY don’t want to do it, it simply won’t work for you.

  • If YOU want the natural birth
  • Then YOU will actively participate in your natural birth classes
  • YOU will practice the techniques that can help you access your natural “epidural” hormones
  • And … YOU will have a more positive birth experience

But, if you REALLY don’t want to have a natural birth and you feel like you’re forced to, then you may not have a nice experience at all.

When making your decision make sure it’s an INFORMED decision and one YOU are comfortable with. Not your sister, not your mother and not your partner. You can listen to what they say and take on their concerns (because they really just want what is best for your and your baby) but YOU need to take responsibility for your decision.

Just know – You are a WOMAN and you are BUILT for BIRTH.

I was worried about all the same things in the beginning, but I spoke to my GP, midwives, childbirth educators and also watched videos of women who had positive experiences (trust me, there’s many).

Plus I found interesting information on labour inducing drugs and epidurals that is often omitted or glossed over at hospitals.

I started to understand how natural birth would be the safest and most comfortable birth for me.

If you go through all the information for the pros and cons of natural vs. medicated birth and still decide on the medication or elective c-section, then I respect that. You need to do whatever you feel is best for you and your baby and don’t let anyone make your feel guilty about it.

If you have any questions or would like me to direct you to people who can help you, then I’m here.

And if you’d like to read about how I went from being absolutely terrified to having a blissful pain-free natural birth then check out my book.

Today’s question: Are you worried about natural birth? What’s your biggest concern? … Leave your answer below.



Tracey Rose is a journalist, natural childbirth educator and mother of two. Her story of safe, natural and pain-free birthing has inspired thousands of women all around the world to get educated about ALL the options in childbirth. Get your Top 6 Tips on how to experience the birth you’ve always dreamed of HERE.

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